Swim Shorts Maintenance - Take Good Care Of Your Beachwear
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Swim Shorts Maintenance - Take Good Care Of Your Beachwear!

5 Top Tips For Making Your Swimwear Last Longer
13 November 2017

Take good care of your beachwear!

We designed our Sanwin Beachwear swim shorts with one key idea in mind: to provide the modern gentleman with a quality item made using the finest materials, and which is capable of turning heads on beaches and poolsides across the globe.

Slipping into a pair of our unique and striking swim shorts doesn’t merely equip you with a great item with which to swim, surf, sunbathe or walk along the sands. Sanwin products bring you the confidence to turn every holiday into an adventure. The style to to stand out from the crowd. A look which brings together practicality with luxury. In essence, all the ingredients for a most memorable time spent among the waves!

Of course, as with any high quality piece of designer clothing, our swim shorts require some basic maintenance to ensure that they’re always in peak condition. We’ve put together a simple 5-step program to follow for whenever you’re done with the sea or pool for the day. Look after your Sanwin Beachwear, and we guarantee that these items are sure to take good care of you, too!

1.Wash it!


So, you’ve had a great time out among the waves or in a pool, and you’re done with swimming for the day. Excellent! Now, remember not to let your swim shorts dry in the sun - you’ll want to give them a quick rinse with some cold, fresh water first. Even if you’ve only been sunbathing, a good rinse with water is going to be beneficial, as this will remove any buildup of body oils, sun block, sand residue etc. Once you’ve gotten home or to your villa, you can then give your shorts a wash with some mild hand soap - it’s a simple and effective way of keep them in tip-top condition.

2.Hands only!


We get it: washing machines are one of those appliances we simply couldn’t live without. However, if you wanted to get the most out of your Sanwin swim shorts, it’s best to keep them well away from that particular machine. Our high quality items of swimwear are delicate - they need to be treated with care, and as such, hand washing is definitely the way forward!

3.Dry it!


Here’s a top piece of advice for you if you’re looking to extend the lifespan of your swim shorts: never wring them out in order to get rid of every drop of water. When you do this, you’re actually damaging all of those fine fibres which give Sanwin products their refined feel and fantastic texture. A far better way to dry your shorts is to lay them on a towel, roll it all up, and gently squeeze in order to remove the excess water, before leaving them to dry in time. It’s best to dry them indoors, too - direct exposure to sunlight could cause all those vibrant colours and awesome design features to fade.

4.Cool it!


Here’s the long and short of it: high quality swim shorts and hot water aren’t exactly the best of friends. As a result, if you’re heading into the hot tub or jacuzzi, it’s best to leave your Sanwin shorts back at the hotel room and to take your cheap extra pair as a replacement. Our swim shorts have been made with sea water and pool temperatures in mind, so make sure you use them in cooler waters in order to not cause damage. The same principle applies when you’re hand-washing your Sanwin Beachwear products: do so in lukewarm water, never in hot water.

5.Prep it!


You’ve selected Sanwin Beachwear swim shorts for a number of reasons, but top of most people’s lists is the fact that our products are superior in quality, and have the kinds of colours and designs that really stand out from the crowd. As such, you’re going to want to make those colours and features last as long as possible. Our best hack for achieving this? Do a little prep with your shorts before you take them down to the pool or onto the beach the first time. Soak your shorts in a mixture of white vinegar and water (one tablespoon vinegar per quart of water) for 30 minutes. This will stop the dye from bleeding, and will ensure you get the maximum benefit your stylish swimwear can bring you!