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About You

About You

welcome3Welcome Traveller

Aloha my friend and welcome to Sanwin Beachwear, the place to be for your beach outfit! At Sanwin Beachwear we want to be your companion on your beautiful journeys and make sure you feel comfortable and confident while you enjoy your well-deserved holiday.

Wherever you go, we go!

We believe that every vacation is a beautiful story and we just love to make yours as comfortable and beautiful as possible. When we design our products, we have only one thing in mind and that is YOU. The question we ask ourselves is: How can we make you stand out on the beach and make you feel as comfortable as possible while enjoying your holiday.

At Sanwin Beachwear we carefully consider even the smallest detail of our products. We focus on quality and comfort when we design our products. The fit is adjusted by hand over and over again until the product perfectly suits your demands and wishes so that you can relax in the most comfortable way!


First Class Service. You deserve it!

When you decide to take Sanwin Beachwear as your travel companion, we will promise you our first class service. We don’t want you to just buy a product from us we, want to be travel buddies for life! That’s why we will do everything we can, to make you a happy customer; That’s why we offer a 100% money back guarantee; That’s why we will respond swiftly to your questions and that’s why we offer our existing friends a great deal on new collections. First Class Service because we like to be with you!


While you’re away…

We love it when you send us pictures and updates about the beautiful beaches, sunsets, snorkeling tours, surfing spots and all the other amazing places you visit while enjoying our beautiful beachwear. Feedback from your experience is also important for our product development because we want to keep investing in developing the best beachwear for you!

Join our Sanwin Holiday Album!

When you send us your pictures and updates of your adventures we will add those in our Holiday Album where we store all our beautiful memories of all the places we’ve visited around the world.
You can join our album by sending your pictures to us via email, Instagram or Facebook. Or simply use our hashtag when posting your picture on instagram or Facebook:


Enjoy the beach and enjoy our beachwear, we hope you have a great time with it and we love to see you back soon!