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About You

Welcome Traveller

Here at Sanwin Beachwear, we want one thing above anything else: to be your companion throughout your adventures. We long to join you on your journeys, and get you feeling as comfortable, confident and outgoing as can be while exploring those distant, golden shores. You deserve every moment you spend on the sand and in the sea, and Sanwin Beachwear is going to ensure you do it all in style.

Wherever you go, we go

We believe a vacation is more than a week or so of well-earned time away from work. It’s your chance to rewrite your story, to take great steps along the path of life, to fall in love with new and exotic places, and to open your eyes to new possibilities, sensations and experiences. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to make your holidays the perfect blend of comfort, style and reliability - after all, every man should see his time away as a chance to make a strong impression, while feeling and looking his best.

We always strive to go the extra mile with our innovative, eye-catching designs, and every one of our products has been carefully designed with one person in mind: YOU. You’re who we are thinking of when we head to our drawing boards, when we’re sourcing our fabrics and testing our products. It’s you who is on our minds while we’re asking ourselves the questions that laid the foundations for Sanwin Beachwear: how can we make you turn heads with your style, while experiencing the comfort and confidence that comes with being in your element on the beach?

Going the extra mile

Our drive for quality, style and substance means we have to take the time to consider every last detail when it comes to the production of our beachwear. It’s a lengthy design process, which involves adjusting each fit by hand - over and over again - until everything that leaves our store not only fits you like a glove, but also meets your highest expectations. We know our customers expect and deserve nothing short of a first class service, and we take great pride in meeting and exceeding those demands. The results of this meticulous attention to detail? A more relaxing holiday, and the ability to feel fantastic while standing out from the crowd… and that’s worth every extra minute we put in.

Of course, our attention to detail and dedication to first class service doesn’t end once you’ve bought your beachwear from us. We want to be your travel buddies, no matter where you decide to jet off to! This is why we’re determined to do all we can to ensure you are - and remain - a happy Sanwin Beachwear customer. With our 100% money back guarantee, a promise to respond swiftly and concisely to any question you might have, and loads of fantastic offers and deals for our existing customers, Sanwin Beachwear are going to be by your side.

Our travel companions are spread all over the globe, and can be found on some of the finest beaches on earth. You’ll know them when you see them: they’re the ones rocking the most eye-catching, stylishly designed beachwear on the coast, and feeling great about their choices. How do we know? Because we love few things more than receiving feedback from our customers. Whether that involves photos of them sunning themselves on the sand, surfing or living it up at the beach bar, or giving us their valuable thoughts on how we can continue to develop the best beachwear for you, we truly value your input - it’s part of what makes Sanwin Beachwear the brand it is today.

Want to become part of the Sanwin Holiday Album?

There’s nothing better for us than seeing our designs out there in the wider world, shot against a backdrop of golden sands, whispering palms and sparkling seas. Send us your photos and updates, showing your Sanwin products in their natural habitat - we’ll add them to our holiday album, where we store all of our treasured memories and pics of our favourite exotic locations.

It couldn’t be simpler to get involved: just send us your best shots via email, Instagram or Facebook. To make it even easier, simply use our hashtag #sanwinbeachwear when sharing your photos on social media.

What more is there to say, traveller? Get out there and feel the sand between your toes, the sun on your back and the salt air on your skin. Have the time of your life, get writing the next chapter of your own personal story, and we hope to see you back again soon.

Bon voyage!