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Our Story

When looking good just isn’t good enough. This is what Sanwin Beachwear is all about. It’s not just about making beautiful clothing, it’s about self-confidence, desire, looks and standing out in the crowd. Our beachwear will give you confidence and will make you feel special and unique. That’s what Sanwin Beachwear stands for: Looking good, feeling great

The devil is in the detail

There’s a story behind every product of Sanwin Beachwear. Even the smallest detail is carefully considered. Before we put our brand name on a product, countless designs have ended in the trashcan. Also, the comfort of our clothing is of the utmost importance. Therefore the fit is adjusted by hand over and over again until the product perfectly suits our demands and your wishes.

How it all started


Picture a Dutch airline pilot, flying around the world, visiting hundreds of exotic places and beaches, with a passion for fashion design. While abroad, he discovers many beachwear brands, but none of them appeals to his own wishes. Be it the design, the fit or the quality of the product: it’s just not good enough. Then he gets an idea: Why not start a new and exclusive beachwear brand for men? Back in the Netherlands he discusses this with friends, designers and business partners. This results in the birth of Sanwin Beachwear, exclusive beachwear for exclusive men. And the company slogan will be, of course: “When looking good just isn’t good enough”.

Just for men

We’re sorry ladies, Sanwin is just for men. But if you’re looking for quality beachwear for your boyfriend or your son, please have a look in our shop. And guys: look no further, we have a one-stop-shop for all your beachwear. Looking for a great short, a shirt or a cool beachbag? We’ve got that and more for you. And, being guys ourselves, we know you want a perfect fit and a product that will last long. Do you want to get noticed, do you want to look great on the beach? You’ve come to the right place!

But there is more…

Ok, so you just ordered a Sanwin product and you’re now waiting for your order to arrive. Is that where it ends? No my friend, that’s where it starts. You see, at Sanwin we believe in good products with excellent quality but, above all, we believe in Customer Service. We don’t want you to just buy a short or a shirt, we want you to be part of the Sanwin family. That’s why we will do everything to make you feel happy with us. That is why we’re offering you 100% guarantee. Yes, that’s right: 100 %! That is also why we frequently offer our existing clients great deals. Because we look after our family. So, enjoy the beach and enjoy our beachwear, we hope you have a great time with it and we love to see you back soon!

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