Beach Resorts - World's Most Insane Resorts
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Beach Resorts: World's Most Insane Resorts

Check out these 10 insane beach resorts you simply have to see in your lifetime
05 March 2018

Beach Resorts: World's Most Insane Resorts

Life’s too short to settle for anything but the best - and that’s a philosophy we’re determined to live by. Luckily for everyone who thinks the same as we do, there are plenty of incredibly beautiful, utterly luxurious, and blissfully serene beach resorts all over the world, just waiting to be discovered by those who know what’s good for them.

What makes a beach resort ‘insane’, in our opinion? Well, it could come down to many different factors. It might be the night life on offer - it’s hard to resist the perfect combination of all-night partying and spending the morning after catching some rays on the sands - or it could be the views, the opportunity to try out your Sanwin Swimwear in pristine turquoise waters, the food and drink on offer, the unique nature of the hotels, or the chance to scuba dive and snorkel with hosts of colourful fish. While perfection is obviously subjective - we all have our own idea of what paradise looks like, after all - we’ve put together a list that should cover all the bases.

So, let’s slap on some sunscreen, slip into our fashionable swimwear, and check out ten insane beach resorts you simply have to see in your lifetime.

Frégate Private Island, Seychelles


If you’re the kind of guy who likes to follow in the footsteps of the rich and famous, then you can’t get much better than Frégate Private Island. This is one of those private island resorts that Hollywood A-Listers retreat to in order to escape the lenses of the paparazzi for a while, and it’s not difficult to see why: the place is an absolute haven of beauty and tranquility. It’s the last word in exclusivity: the island is just three square kilometres, and boasts a hotel which serves a maximum of 40 guests at a time.

When enjoying your island retreat, you’ll be treated to the full showbiz royalty experience. Guests benefit from a full butler service, get to eat some of the finest seafood you’ll find anywhere on earth, and can even be taken on guided walks around the island, to learn more about this unique ecosystem. Non-motorised water sports are available, too, as is the chance to do some deep-sea fishing. Of course, each day can end with a cliff-top spa experience set to a glorious sunset… if that doesn’t count as ‘insane’, well, we don’t know what does.

The Majlis, Kenya


A trip to Kenya is never a bad idea. However, few people ever make it to the amazing beach resorts which sit off its stunning coastline, and The Majlis is the best of them all. Ever since the resort officially opened in 2009, this string of incredible desert islands has attracted high-flying tourists from all over the world, and it has rocketed to the top of many such ‘world’s best resorts’ lists.

The Majlis brings together the style and luxury of top-end Italian design with a distinct Swahili feel - you can see this combination all throughout the accommodation, which blends marble fittings with traditional wood carvings. If you can pull yourself away from your amazing suite, you’ll be able to enjoy everything from laser-sailing, windsurfing, kayaking and fishing, and benefit from the range of traditional spa services on offer. Bliss!

Jumeirah Dhevanafushi, The Maldives


The name might be a bit of a mouthful, but there’s nothing uncomfortable whatsoever about this incredible resort in the ever-impressive Maldives. The main draw of this amazing place? The chance to sleep in truly luxurious overwater villas - the perfect hideaway - which boast massive three metre beds, and steps leading down into the pristine turquoise sea. Imagine: you can wake up each morning, and dive into the warm, calm waters straight from your bed. It doesn’t get much better than that!

The Legian, Bali


When it comes to tropical paradises, few locations on earth can hold a candle to Bali. This amazing place rarely offers anything short of perfection, but if you’re after a beach resort which really does have it all, then The Legian is the one for you.

One of the main attractions of The Legian is its location; it’s situated halfway between the funky, vibrant nightlife zone, and the luxurious shopping streets that Bali is famous for. After an afternoon shopping for a new suit, and a night clubbing and trying some local cocktails, guests at The Legian can relax in a setting which is designed to offer the ultimate in relaxation. Amazing food (try the coral trout!), incredible spas, and access to some truly unforgettable beaches, this is one resort you simply cannot miss.

Parrot Bay, Turks and Caicos


The name of this beach resort tells you exactly what to expect: this is a real idyllic getaway, packed full of tropical features that’ll make you live out a luxurious Robinson Crusoe fantasy, and help you truly get away from the hustle and bustle of your daily life. Parrot Bay is a private island that boasts an unspoilt 1.6km beach, perfect for sailing, exploring, or simply strutting around looking great in your swim shorts. It’s popular with those seeking a bit of spiritual escapism, too - Parrot Bay is famed for its Ayurvedic spa and yoga workshops.

Lizard Island, Australia


This blog could have featured plenty of resorts from the unparalleled Great Barrier Reef, but Lizard Island is a permanent favourite of ours. When it comes to Scuba diving and snorkelling - or just swimming and relaxing on the beach - Lizard Island is about as good as it gets. This beautiful and remote spot gives nature lovers the chance to get up close and personal with some amazing examples of marine life; including the massive, lazy groupers that swim in awe-inspiring shoals around the bay.

With 24 beaches to choose from, and some amazing hotels offering incredible views of the sea and the sunsets, Lizard Island is a place to be discovered, and never forgotten.

Kenoa Resort, Brazil


The latest trend in luxury travel is all about the eco-conscious and the environmentally friendly. For those looking to stay ahead of the curve - and yet not sacrifice anything in comfort or elegance - then Kenoa Resort in Brazil is going to tick all the boxes very nicely indeed. This resort is an eco-retreat, built entirely out of natural and sustainable materials, and the laid-back vibe and amazing beaches of the resort mean you can have an incredibly relaxing and guilt-free holiday. If you’re looking to party, though, the Bahla region the resort sits in offers some superb entertainment and proper Brazilian fun in the sun, too.

Explora Rapa Nui, Easter Island


If you see yourself as a bit of an old-school explorer, then there’s no way you could resist combining outdoor adventures with the luxury of this resort on the famed Easter Island. Not only will you be able to discover the weird wonder of those iconic carved heads, you’ll also be able to trek up volcanoes, ride horses along the beach, and scuba dive to meet some of the islands most spectacular aquatic residents.

After a long day discovering the wonders of this far-flung paradise, you’ll be needing a bit of relaxation and decadence, too. Luckily, the Explora Rapa Nui resort boasts stunning restaurants, hydro-massage baths, and rooms with some of the best ocean views we’ve ever seen.

Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc, France


Ah, the French Riviera. When it comes to glamour and sophistication - not to mention a pretty awesome high-flying party scene, too - there aren’t many parts of the world that can compete. Cap-Eden-Roc in Antibes is cut into the cliffs overlooking the Cote d’Azur, making it a dramatic, romantic, and effortlessly cool place in which to spend your time. Each suite features antique furniture (just to ensure you feel as decadent as possible at all times), and there’s a saltwater pool dug from the rock, seemingly constantly surrounded by bathing beauties. The resort also features a trapeze, which will fling you into the sea… you know, just in case you don’t feel like taking the stairs. Nice!

One&Only Palm, Dubai


If you’re on a lifelong hunt for the utmost in glamour, luxury, and world-class customer service, then Dubai has to sit near the top of your list. One&Only Palm is one of those resorts which seems to have a limitless amount of energy when it comes to satisfying their guests, and you’ll feel like a million dollars as you look out across the gulf and towards the sparkling skyscrapers of the city.

A stay at One&Only Palm is whatever you want it to be. You can use it to get away from the world - the resort is only accessible via water taxi - and take full advantage of the beach, the spas, and the warm sea. On the other hand, you could use it as a base for a holiday of a lifetime, featuring all of the shopping, parties and nightlife that this incredible city has to offer. Whatever you choose, you can rest assured that Dubai’s premier beach resort will offer you a truly insane experience!

Well, that’s it - our run down of ten of world’s most impressive beach resorts. Are you planning on making it to any of these places this year? We’re sure we’ve missed a few of your favourites (it’s a big world, and there are hundreds of amazing resorts out there) - so let us know in the comments below what else should be included in this list!