Travel to Cuba! Ten Excellent Reasons to Spend Your Next Vacation in Cuba
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Travel to Cuba!

Ten Excellent Reasons to Spend Your Next Vacation in Cuba
24 July 2018

As dedicated and committed world travellers, we’re constantly on the lookout for the hottest new holiday destinations. By now, you’ve probably got a clear idea of the kind of thing we like: long sandy beaches, blazing sunshine, great food, relaxed and easygoing nightlife and drinking culture, and plenty of opportunities to show off our stylish Sanwin swimwear! If there’s one country which ticks all these boxes… and then ticks a whole load more besides, it’s surely Cuba.

It’s fair to say that Cuba has become one of our all-time favourite places to spend a relaxing week or two, and we thought it was high time we shared our thoughts about this fascinating, beautiful and vibrant island. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into our top 10 reasons to head down to Havana, and enjoy a Cuban holiday that’ll stay with you for a lifetime!

The Car Culture is Second-to-None


To be honest, we’re generally not the kind of people who get all that excited by cars. Give us a natural beach over a highway any day of the week! However, visiting Cuba is like stepping back into a different era, and the prevalence of perfectly-preserved and utterly beautiful vintage cars is a huge part of this country’s appeal. Many would argue that motoring design hit its aesthetic peak in the late 1950s, and wandering around Havana, you’ll come across a mass of absolute dream machines sparkling in the sunshine.

Sunshine, Sunshine, Sunshine


There aren’t many parts of the world where you can genuinely expect great weather all year round, without the threat of a sudden cold snap, or looming monsoon on the horizon. However, Cuba really is soaked in sunshine. With the exception of perhaps a drop in temperature for a day or two in February, the weather in Cuba is about as good as it gets anywhere on the planet… and if you get too hot, you’re never far from a pool or the sea for a quick dip to cool off!

The Drinking Culture


If Cuba is famous for one thing above all others, it’s their rum production. Cuban rum is in a league of its own, and the Habaneros are rightly proud of their heritage with this unique spirit. You can buy Havana rum (as well as a growing number of artisanal rums) almost anywhere on the island, and no sunny afternoon in Cuba would be complete without a cooling rum cocktail on a terrace. What’s more, there are no public drinking laws in Cuba, meaning you can take a cold beer to the public park or beach, and relax with a delicious drink in your hand. Of course, when the sun goes down, it’s time to play… and a few cocktails never hurt in such an occasion!

Amazing Beaches


With its unique history and visual culture, it’s sometimes easy to forget that Cuba is essentially a Caribbean island. However, head to any of the island’s pristine white sand beaches, and you’ll be immediately reminded that you’re in the very heart of the Caribbean, where warm and gentle seas lap the shore and invite you in. Stroll along the coastline in your Sanwin swim shorts, and you’ll quickly feel right at home. Our favourite beach? That would have to be the stunning Guardalavaca beach on the country’s eastern coast. Utterly perfect in every way!

Beautiful Landscapes


Whenever you Google Cuba, you’re going to come across a whole load of images of urban scenes, street parties, revolutions, communist architecture and crumbling buildings. All too often, we forget that Cuba is also home to some seriously spectacular natural landscapes, and a tropical mountain region which is perfect for exploring by foot. If you’re into hiking and getting away from it all, there’s more to discover in Cuba than you ever imagined, so be sure to get out of the city for at least a day and see the side of this country which is so often overlooked.

The Cigars


Sure, it isn’t exactly fashionable to say this, but the cigars of Cuba are an icon in and of themselves… and it would be a bit of a shame to not sample their supreme flavours and handcrafted charm while visiting the country. Made from premium tobaccos dried in the Cuban sunshine and hand-rolled by the famous cigar ladies of Havana, they’re considered the finest in the world, and it’s impossible not to feel cool while enjoying one alongside your beer or coffee.

The Music


It’s impossible to write about Cuba without making some mention of the legendary music scene this island has created. The streets of Havana thrum with their own unique rhythms, and everywhere you go on the island, you’ll find yourself moving to the beat and dancing with the beautiful locals… whether you feel like it or not. In every street, as the sun goes down, parties will spill from the houses and into public spaces, and every bar somehow magically manifests its own dance floor on which locals and tourists alike move their bodies and have a great time. The talent in display is second-to-none, and the music played is simply irresistible.

The Food


Cuba is, at its heart, a country of fusion and innovation. You can see this in its architecture, hear it in its music, and feel it in the air everywhere you go. You can also taste it in the local cuisine, which is arguably among the finest in the Caribbean. A mixture of American, Spanish, and African flavours all come together in the national dishes of Cuba, providing a riot of taste sensations on your tongue which, once tried, are never forgotten. The best part? Cuban restaurants and street food stalls are plentiful and very affordable, meaning you can eat out for every meal, and always have something different on your plate.

Step Back in Time


One of the main appeals of Cuba is the sense that, when visiting, you’re stepping back in time and experiencing the western world through a whole other lens. The whole island seems to be frozen in a time warp of somewhere between the 50s and the 90s, and for better or worse, it makes for a truly unique holiday experience. You’ll see functional relics of times passed all over the place - old machinery that’s kept alive with the country’s signature ingenuity, classic cars on every street corner, music and art that belongs to a simpler era… and it’s utterly hypnotic, and ideal for escaping the stresses of your everyday life.

The Locals


It’s hard to imagine a more friendly, welcoming or open people than the Cubans. Despite their historic problems and the suffering they endured, the people you’ll meet (and believe us, you really will meet a lot of people) are always up for a chat, always keen to recommend the best parties, and will be happy to buy you a drink and tell you stories about the old days. It makes a real welcome change from the iciness of the city folk we usually meet in our daily lives, and it means you’re always able to hear about the coolest concerts or best restaurants from those who know the island best.

There you have it: ten reasons to visit Cuba, one of our all-time favourite holiday destinations. Don’t forget to pack your Sanwin Swimwear… because the beaches and pool parties of Cuba are famous for a reason!