Review of Sanwin Swimwear
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Sanwin Tampa Shorts: A Review

A Review of Sanwin's Tampa shorts by Benjamin Norris (UK)
31 May 2018

Review of Sanwin Swimwear

by: Benjamin Norris (Bristol, UK)


Made from high quality materials, and cut to fit a slimmer, more fitted shape, Sanwin’s new stylish 'Tampa' swimshorts are intended to not only be suitable for the swimming pool or beach - they’re designed to be perfect for lounging at chilled out beach bars, strolling along the shoreline, or spending an evening at a beach club or seaside restaurant. Because of their daring colours, cheeky patterns, and modern, fitted cut, their flexibility is evident from the very moment you open the (impressively themed) packaging, and this is surely one of the aspects of this brand which helps it stand out from their competitors. After all, I can’t think of many other brands of swimwear that I’d want to wear anywhere other than in the water… and I’m confident that I’m not alone in that matter.

Sleek, Classy, Sexy

I received a pair of Sanwin Tampa swim shorts in the ‘hint of mint’ colour scheme. Featuring a fine pinstripe in mint green and white, a pair of stylish randed buckle, an understated Sanwin logo on the thigh, and some really nice seam details, it’s clear from the off that these are no ordinary swimshorts. The level of attention to detail and quality omanufacture is high in every aspect - it’s almost difficult to believe that these are items of swimwear, rather than a pair of trendy designer shorts. Putting them on, I loved the way they fitted my body shape. They didn’t billow shapelessly around my legs (as is so often the case with swim shorts), nor did they hang or hug too tightly around the back. Sleek, classy, sexy; these are the words which instantly sprung to mind.

A Test Run

It’s all very well, however, trying them on in my bedroom and checking myself out in the mirror. In order to really get a feel for these swimshorts, I had to get out there and give them a test run in a couple of different destinations. As luck would have it, I had a couple of business trips planned for the month in which I received my new swimwear. While they weren’t seeing me jet off to the kind of desert islands and white-sanded paradises shown on the company literature, they would certainly give me opportunity to see how well the swimwear performed both in the water and out of it.

"There's no doubt that I was looking great"

The first of these trips was to Portugal. The sun was beating down hard on the Iberian coastline, and the sparkling sea beckoned. Once I’d wrapped up my work in Lisbon, I headed to the coastal town of Ribamar - home to some of the Atlantic coast’s best beaches, best surfing spots, and finest seafood restaurants. With my Sanwin swimwear in my bag, I felt confident that I was not only going to have a top quality swim, I was also likely to get a few decent looks while chilling on the beach.

I wasn’t disappointed. As I stepped out onto the sands, I felt confident and commanding in a way that wasn’t completely familiar to me - there’s no doubt that I was looking great, and standing out from the crowd thanks to my choice of swimwear. This level of confidence put a new swagger in my step, and while swimming, sunbathing, and tucking into the seafood at the beach bars, I felt utterly relaxed and self-assured… exactly how you want to feel (yet rarely do) while dressed in such attire.

"My Swimshorts made all the difference"

The second of the two trips took place just a week later, and saw me flying off to Budapest. Now, Hungary is a land-locked country with the nearest beach being several hundred miles away… but it’s also home to an amazing thermal bath scene, where you can luxuriate in hot waters for hour after hour, as well as take in steam baths, saunas, and massages aplenty. Budapest is pretty well renowned as being home to some of the most beautiful women on earth, and they’re women who are known for their appreciation of great style. Needless to say, my swimshorts really made all the difference to the success of my trip, and while relaxing in the medieval Turkish baths on the side of the river Danube, I could feel plenty of eyes turning my way. It really does pay to stand out from the crowd, and wear the kind of shorts that not only take care of the details and quality, but which also reflect your inner confidence and personality!

All in all, I can comfortably say that Sanwin Swimwear is more than deserving of the praise I’ve piled upon this brand in this review. With their well-made and fashionable products, their superb branding and packaging, and dedication to quality and pushing the envelope of men’s swimwear style, they’re a brand to look out for. Believe me - slipping into these shorts is an instant confidence boost, and one which can transform a holiday into a real adventure.

- Benjamin Norris

As a professional copywriter, luxury lifestyle and food / wine writer for the past seven years, Benjamin Mitrofan-Norris has a wide range of professional experience to draw upon. Benjamin is also a published author and poet, and is a regular contributor for newspapers, magazines and culinary festivals across Europe.

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