The Maldives: Eight Reasons for Visiting Paradise
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The Maldives: Eight Reasons for Visiting Paradise

There are thousands of good reasons to spend your next holiday in The Maldives. Here's 8 of them.
15 February 2018

The Maldives: Eight Reasons for Visiting Paradise

The Maldives is - as I’m sure many would agree - about as close as you can get to paradise on earth. It’s very much the rising star of the luxury holiday world at the moment, too; more and more flights are landing in this pristine corner of the globe, and prices have come down a little, too, meaning more people can experience this pristine oceanic landscape for themselves.

To take a trip to The Maldives is to step out of reality for a while. All throughout the year, the turquoise waters invite you in, the hospitality scene remains flawless, and there are neverending opportunities for relaxation, exploration and tropical fun in the sun. Sanwin Beachwear customers will also get more than their fair share of chances to show off their stylish swimming trunks, too… as this is a holiday destination that’s sheer heaven for those who value sugary sands, luxury pools, and clean, gentle seas.

Need more reasons to visit The Maldives for your next getaway from reality? Here’s eight of them, coming right up…

Reason 1: It’s a Snorkeler’s Paradise


You don’t need a diver’s license to revel in the breathtaking natural beauty of the coral reefs which surround The Maldives. Every quality resort is based just a stone’s throw from some of the finest snorkelling sites on earth, and armed with your goggles, a snorkel, and a pair of trusty flippers, you can escape to a watery world of phenomenal ocean life. Thriving coral ecosystems abound, and lucky swimmers will get the chance to share the sea with a rainbow of tropical fish, as well as manta rays, reef sharks and even the gentle giant whale sharks, too.

Reason 2: The Clearest Waters in the World

Maldives. Eight Reasons for Visiting Paradise - Clear Waters

The Maldives is famed for one thing above all others: the astonishing colour and clarity of its water. Landing in this remarkable archipelago, you’ll be faced with endless stretches of the purest blue… the perfect landscape for complete relaxation (and the best place we can think of for wearing your stylish Sanwin swimwear!).

Reason 3: Villas on the Sea


Imagine waking up in the morning, looking out on your balcony, and seeing manta rays swimming directly beneath your villa… sounds amazing, right? Well, this is a daily reality for guests at The Maldives’ iconic overwater villas. Built to traditional principles, these villas stretch all along the most picturesque stretches of the islands, and allow you to live out your own Robinson Crusoe fantasies for as long as you stay there. Heavenly!

Reason 4: Island Cuisine

Maldives. Eight Reasons for Visiting Paradise - Island Quisine

Maldivian food isn’t well known in the west - indeed, we can’t think of a single restaurant specialising in this incredible cuisine back home. However, visitors to the archipelago will be treated to some of the most flavoursome and fresh food they’ve ever encountered in their lives; the perfect culmination of different cultures coming together, and making use of the spectacular seafood caught from the white sand beaches. Coconut curries, barbecued lobster, and plenty of spicy delights await.

Reason 5: The Heights of Hospitality


The residents of The Maldives are understandably proud of their beautiful country, and they love nothing more than sharing its treasures with those who head to this stunning part of the world. Tourism is the major industry on the islands, and the locals value the contribution travellers bring to their economy. Expect to the greeted with open arms, and treated with first class service wherever you go.

Reason 6: Take Time to Unwind

Maldives. Eight Reasons for Visiting Paradise - Massage

The hospitality industry on The Maldives understands that visitors to the archipelago are there to kick back, relax, and get away from the hustle and bustle of their real lives for a while. Naturally, then, a thriving spa scene has grown up in and around the island resorts, combining traditional massage techniques with plenty of cutting-edge spa services, too. No trip to this island paradise would be complete without an ayurvedic massage, smoothing away all of these stresses and setting you up for the holiday of a lifetime.

Reason 7: Watch the Sky Catch Fire


Being on an island archipelago for your holidays comes with a massive range of benefits, but surely one of the most satisfying is that you get uninterrupted ocean views, stretching for miles all around you. As the day draws to a close, you’ll be treated each night to sunsets of the like you’ve never seen before: a kaleidoscope of purples, oranges, reds and pinks, perfect for unwinding on the beach, or spending a romantic evening with someone special.

Reason 8: Kick Off Your Shoes, and Feel Alive

Maldives. Eight Reasons for Visiting Paradise

It’s not unusual to have to remove your shoes indoors allacross Asia. However, many top hotels in The Maldives actually enforce a ‘noshoes’ rule - not necessarily for reasons of tradition, but more to encouragetheir guests to feel utterly at home, and utterly relaxed. Believe us, there’snothing more satisfying than feeling the pristine sand between your toes, andpadding around barefoot as you leave you worries and stresses thousands ofmiles away to the west.

There are thousands of good reasons to spend your next holiday in The Maldives, and with your Sanwin swim shorts, you’re sure to look fantastic as you unwind in this absolute gem of a country. What are you waiting for? Get packing, and we’ll see you on the beach...