Seven Winter Sun Destinations for Christmas on the Beach
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Seven Winter Sun Destinations for Christmas on the Beach

Our Favourite Winter Sun Deals, Just For You!
24 November 2017

Seven Winter Sun Destinations for Christmas on the Beach

If you live in the northern hemisphere, then this time of year can be a little tough. The skies seem permanently overcast, the winter chill can be felt in the air, and the months ahead stretch ahead of you like an unwelcome visitor. What’s more, your stylish Sanwin swimwear sits folded in your wardrobe, unused and constantly reminding you of where you should be: out on the beach, enjoying the heat of the sun on your back and the warmth of the sand between your toes. There’s only one thing for it. It’s time to get online, check out some winter sun deals, and pack your suitcase to prepare for an escape from all this cold and rain.

It’s easy to forget that to the south, there’s a whole world which - while we’re suffering from the frosty winds of the end of the year - is basked in glorious sunshine. We’ve scoured our atlas and criss-crossed the globe to discover our absolute favourite winter sun locations - check them out, head to your nearest airport, and finally release your Sanwin swim shorts from your closet. Trust us: you deserve it!



So, you’ve decided to escape from the drab greyness of the European winter, and head somewhere a whole world away from your ‘real’ life. What better destination could there be than Kauai? This tropical Hawaiian island offers adventure by the bucketful, alongside beautiful stretches of flawless coastline. To travel to Kauai really is an escape in the truest sense of the word, and we can think of almost nowhere better to try out your new eye-catching Sanwin swimwear!

With warm, tropical temperatures all year round, you’ll be able to take full advantage of the astonishingly beautiful beaches Kauai has to offer. These range from the watersports haven of Po’ipu beach, and the secluded, serene and utterly blissful Kalapaki beach, among others. However, the fun doesn’t stop there: Kauai also boasts some seriously impressive features, such as Waimea - the ‘Grand Canyon’ of Hawaii which offers jaw-dropping ocean views, and the various kayaking opportunities along the island’s gentle and scenic rapids. Perfection!

St. Martin and St. Maarten


If you’re the sort of traveller who loves to explore beaches, and adores trying the very best in world cuisine then this half French, half Dutch island will be a dream come true. Situated in the heart of the Caribbean, the island of St. Martin features no less than thirty-seven beautiful beaches… and they’re all pretty much as perfect as each other. The strong Gallic influence of the island’s colonial past results in some impressive architecture, and a restaurant scene which is quite unlike any other in the region - this is one place where you’re sure to eat well once you’ve built up an appetite amongst the waves!

Elegant casinos and luxury villas line the sea front, and the easy-going, friendly nature of this fascinating island mean any winter break on St. Martin is sure to be one to remember.

Gran Canaria


There was a time - and not so long ago - that Gran Canaria’s reputation was less than ideal, and the island’s identity was based around low-cost package holidays and drunken tourists crowding the streets. However, the past decade has seen this Spanish island - the largest of the Canary Islands - make a concerted effort to show off its more luxurious side, and its plentiful natural beauty, too. Still very much an affordable option, Gran Canaria has plenty to offer the beach lover, with long and beautiful sandy stretches of coastline offering stunning weather all year round.

From the relaxed atmosphere of the vast Playa del Ingles to the bizarre-yet-beautiful volcanic, dune-dotted landscapes of Maspalomas, Gran Canaria is an island on which plenty of fun can be had. However, if you grow tired of the party scene, you’re never far from blissful natural isolation; the Palmitos national park is a genuine tropical haven, filled with squawking parrots and dense jungle foliage, just waiting to be explored!

St. Lucia


When you close your eyes and imagine the perfect winter beach break, the chances are you’ll conjure up images of St. Lucia. This truly captivating island is dominated by its iconic triangular green mountains - the Pitons - which rise from the sea in spectacular fashion, providing the most idyllic backdrop to your laziest beach days.

Jalouise Beach is one of those locations which everybody must experience at least once in their lifetime. Situated in the shadow of the mightiest Pitons, it’s one of the best snorkelling destinations on earth, and it would be simply impossible not to feel utterly relaxed while catching some rays on the sands there. With an incredible food scene, an elegant and luxurious set of beach clubs and bars (as well as plenty more to delight the winter traveller), there’s nowhere on earth quite so wonderful as St. Lucia to escape to when home’s a little too cold and wintry.

Los Cabos


When the dark days are drawing in back at home, we all crave for those long summer evenings, packed with parties, music, cocktails and dancing until the early hours. If this sounds like your idea of heaven, then Los Cabos is the place for you. Combining amazingly beautiful sandy beaches, a near-perfect climate, and a nightlife scene renowned all around the world, Los Cabos in Mexico draws the crowds throughout the winter months, all looking for fun in the sun and an escape from reality.

If you fancy a night off from the clubs and bars that Los Cabos boasts by the hundred, then there are plenty of other activities to keep you occupied. After a lazy day among the waves, why not head out for an evening boat cruise around El Arco - the region’s most famous sea rock formation - to catch some of the best sunsets found anywhere in the world?

The Whitsundays


If you really feel the need to completely escape from the European winter, then Australia is the truly logical choice to opt for. In mid December, the Antipodes are enjoying the very height of midsummer, and as the temperatures soar, the locals fire up their barbecues and head to their impeccable beaches and range of tropical islands. By far the most luxurious of all of these are The Whitsundays, a group of islands nestled among the Great Barrier Reef, and home to Australia’s elites. Charter yachts, Champagne clubs, the freshest seafood imaginable and a whole host of watersports await in this very special corner of the globe. It really is about as far away from home as one can possibly be… and it’s all the more wonderful for it.



Once primarily associated with backpacking teens looking for fun in the sun, Phuket has spent a considerable amount of time and money aiming squarely for the mainstream and luxury tourism sectors in the recent years. It might not be quite as wild as it once was, but today, the island proudly displays a whole range of decadent resorts, beautiful marinas and carefully conserved secluded beaches for the more discerning traveller to enjoy.

Want to feel a million miles from home, and capture some unforgettable views while sporting your Sanwin Beachwear? Head to the Phromthep Cape - the southern tip of Phuket - and spend the day enjoying the warm tropical waters, before pulling out your smartphone to snap away at the world famous sunsets that light up the sky with beauty every single evening.

There you have it: seven amazing winter sun escapes to look forward to, when the weather up here becomes more than you can bear. With your Sanwin Swimwear, you’re sure to catch some envious glances while you stroll happily along these beaches, making a mid-winter escape even more tempting than ever before!

Yes, we are dreaming of a White Christmas. A christmas at one of the many pearly white beaches out there. Ho Ho Ho!